4th Annual Symposium 2004

"Edward Heron-Allen FRS, scientist"

Saturday, 3rd July, 2004

Natural History Museum
Mineralogy Seminar Room and Heron-Allen Library
Cromwell Road

Portrait of Heron-Allen at his desk

Portrait of Heron-Allen


Morning Session - Chairman: John Whittaker (The Natural History Museum)

  • 11.00am Welcome, coffee and comments on Heron-Allen's Westminster Fire Office chairs by John Whittaker
  • Richard Hodgkinson (The Natural History Museum), "An introduction to the Foraminifera" (illustrated by original
    Heron-Allen lantern slides)
  • Michael Kaminski (University College London), "On Heron-Allen's theory of 'Purpose and Intelligence in the
  • Break for coffee
  • Clive Jones (The Natural History Museum), "Some treasures of the Heron-Allen Library at The Natural History
  • Guided tour of the Heron-Allen Library, where some of his finest foraminiferal books and collections will be available for perusal
  • 1.30 pm (approx.) - Lunch at Pierino Pasta Pizza Restaurant, 37, Thurloe Place, South Kensington

    Afternoon Session - Chairman: Tim McCann (West Sussex Record Office)

  • 2.30 pm (approx.) - Return to Mineralogy Seminar Room
  • Andy Henderson & John Whittaker (The Natural History Museum), "The Clare Island Survey of 1911 - a scientific
    expedition with pretty girls" (based on Heron-Allen's Travel Journal and on ephemera in The Natural History Museum)
  • The Annual General Meeting
  • Further guided visit to the Heron-Allen Library (as required)

AGM Agenda

Chairman: Tim McCann

  1. Re-election of officers
  2. Presentation of accounts
  3. Heron-Allen Plaque, Selsey (revised version): appeal for funding
  4. Repair of Heron-Allen's grave, Church Norton: appeal for funding
  5. 2005 Symposium - suggestions for theme and venue? Possibilities include: music, literature, and horticulture.
    The venue could be the Allen Rooms, Soho, again?
  6. Plans for future Opuscula - the proceedings of the 4th Annual Symposium might be Opusculum VII.
    Future Opuscula might include unpublished H-A papers - juvenile literary papers, scientific papers, uncollected papers
  7. Heron-Allen Society Website - additions could include an updated Bibliography, mention of the Annual Heron-Allen
    Lecture at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, and an active queries section
  8. Any Other Business