Edward Heron-Allen 1886
Edward Heron-Allen 1886

News and Events 2019


The Annual Heron-Allen Lecture will be held on Friday 8th March at 5:45pm in the Simpkins Lee Theatre, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. The Lecture will be delivered by Professor David Western, senior conservationist with the Wildlife Conservation Society and chairman of the African Conservation Centre. His talk is entitled 'The changing nature of conservation in a humanized world'. A drinks reception will follow the lecture, for all those registered for the lecture.

For more information and booking, please visit: https://tinyurl.com/HeronAllenLecture2019

The Society's Opusculum no. XXVI – Edward Heron-Allen. A Gallimaufry, edited by Timothy J. McCann and John E. Whittaker was published. Articles include, 'Heron-Allen and the Ice-Age Boulders of Selsey' by David Bone; 'The Cult of Harrow and the Suicide of Sylvester Gray: The Servant Edward Heron-Allen' by John P. Mahoney and Barbara P. Mahoney; 'A Prince among Friends: Exploring the Life and Times of Gabrielle Enthoven' by Joan Navarre; 'Edward Heron-Allen and his Silver Spoons' by Timothy J. McCann and 'The Large Acres inscribed Treasure Chest' by David Thompson.


The Society's Newsletter no.34 (Spring 2019) was published. Articles include, 'The Annual Heron-Allen Lecture at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford' by Juliet and David Field; 'Harry Clarke, Edward Heron-Allen and Bishop Walter Lynch. The 7th Heron-Allen International Symposium, Mulranny, Ireland, 2019' by Alison McCann; 'The Eighteenth Annual Symposium, Chichester, 2018' by Peter Horton; 'Kensington's Mannequin Lee Sisters at Edward Heron-Allen's Large Acres in Selsey', by John P. and Barbara P. Mahoney; and 'Edward Heron-Allen and Sir George Errington' by Timothy J. McCann, together with an obituary of Garry Garrard by Bob Forrest.


6 July. The Society's 19th Annual Symposium will be held at St. Peter's Church Hall, Selsey on Saturday 6 July starting at 11.00, The theme is 'Large Acres and beyond'.The programme will include David Bone, 'Heron-Allen's fossil collection in Chichester District Museum'; John Mahoney, Barbara Mahoney and Peter Kluzak, 'NOUR-KHANA' The history of a family get-away. A Creation of Edward and Edith Heron-Allen in a field called 'LARGE ACRES' at Selsey in Sussex'; Timothy J. McCann, 'Edward Heron-Allen and Pope Leo XIII' and David Thompson, 'The Large Acres Sun-dial', and be followed by a late lunch at the Seal Hotel, Selsey. To book for the Symposium please e-mail our Honorary Secretary, Juliet Field at jools.field@btinternet.com by 21 June. Lunch reservations must be made before then as we have to order food in advance.