Edward Heron-Allen in uniform, c. 1918
Edward Heron-Allen in uniform, c. 1918


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    • De Fidiculis Opuscula
    • Opuscula Fidicularum. No.1. The Ancestry of the Violin.
      Being a discourse delivered at the Freemasons' Tavern, on Friday, June 2nd, 1882, to the Sette of Odd Volumes. Part I - The Origin of the Violin. Part II - The Welsh Crwth. London, 1882. Printed for the Author by Mitchell & Hughes. 8o. Limited to 210 copies. (Forming No.1 of a series of pamphlets on the Violin, entitled "De Fidiculis Opuscula". This text was adapted into the first two chapters of Violin-Making, as it was and is, i.e.: Chapter I, The Ancestry of the Violin, pp.29-57, and Chapter II, The Welsh Crwth, pp.58-68.
    • De Fidiculis Opusculum II. Hodges against Chanot. Being the history of a
      celebrated case, collected from the newspapers and from personal observation and annotated. Part I. Biographical. Part II. The Cause of Action. Part III. The Trial. Part IV. The Opinions of the Press. London, 1883. Printed for the Author by Mitchell & Hughes, 140 Wardour Street, W., pp.88., 8o.
    • De Fidiculis Opusculum III. Libri Desiderati. 1890. 20pp.
    • ditto, third edition, deluxe edition of 20 copies. 1890. 20pp. stiff paper covers
    • De Fidiculis Opusculum IV. 1890. 64 pp. Includes chapters on Paganini and his
      Guarnerius, early violin schools and old violin frauds. Limited to 210 copies
    • De Fidiculis Opusculum V, Libri Desiderati. Books wanted by Edward
      Heron-Allen, London 1893
    • De Fidiculis Opusculum VI, A Contribution towards an Accurate Biography of
      Charles Auguste de Bériot and Maria Felicita Malibran-Garcia, (16o, 125 copies,) London 1894
    • De Fidiculis Opusculum VII, The Arts and Crafts Book of the Worshipful Guild of
      Violin-Makers of Markneukirchen, from 1677 to 1772, London, 1894 (Extracted and analysed by Dr. R. Petong. Translated and edited by Edward and Marianna Heron-Allen, L.P. pp. 55, 16o., 100 copies)
    • De Fidiculis Opusculum VIII, The Seal of Roger Wade, London 1895
      (16o, 100 copies)
    • De Fidiculis Opusculum IX, The "Nefer" Sign, Selsey Bill, 1941
      (15pp, small 40, 100 copies)
    • Violin-Making, as it was and is. With illustrations by the author. Preceded by an
      essay on the violin and its position as a musical instrument, Ward, Lock, & Co. (London), 1884 (pp. xix. 366, 8o.)
    • ditto, Second edition, Ward, Lock & Co. (London), [1885.] (pp. xix. 366, 8o.)
    • ditto, Ward, Lock & Co. (London), 1886 deluxe edition of 25 copies for private
    • ditto, Second edition, Boston: Elias Howe. 1901
    • Libri Desiderati. An appendix to "De Fidiculis Bibliographia", Printed for the
      Postulant, 1888 (pp. 8. 8o.)
    • De Fidiculis Bibliographia: being an attempt towards a bibliography of the
      violin and all other instruments played with a bow, etc., Griffith Farran & Co. (London), 1890-94 (2 vols, 4o.)
    • ditto, Griffith Farran & Co. (London), 1890-94 (2 vols, 8o.)
    • ditto, The Holland Press, 1961. 416 pp., lxxvii. Limited to 500 copies
    • Fidiculana (four essays on violins), 'De Fidiculis Opuscula: Opusculum IV',
      printed for the author by Mitchell & Hughes, 1890. 210 copies
    • The Violin Times. A monthly journal for professional and amateur violinists,
      [London, 1893-1907.] (Edited by E. Polonaski and E. Heron-Allen. vol. 1. no. 1 - vol. 14. no. 169. Nov. 1893-Dec. 1907., 4o.)

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