Edward Heron-Allen in uniform, c. 1918
Edward Heron-Allen in uniform, c. 1918


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    • The Ruba'iyat of Omar Khayyam, being a facsimile of the manuscript in the
      Bodleian Library at Oxford, with a transcript into modern Persian characters, translated, with an introduction and notes, and a bibliography, by E. Heron-Allen, H. S. Nichols (London), [January] 1898 (pp. xlii. 286, 8o. Limited edition of 1022 (2 printed on vellum, 20 large paper, 1000 small). Frontispiece and decorations by Ella Hallward.)
    • ditto, Second edition, carefully revised and considerably enlarged, H. S. Nichols
      (London), [May] 1898 (pp. xlii. 320, 8o)
    • Some Side-lights upon Edward FitzGerald's poem "The Ruba'iyat of Omar
      Khayyam." Being the substance of a lecture, H. S. Nichols (London), 1898 (pp. 32, 8o., wraps)
    • Edward Fitzgerald's Rubâ'iyat of Omar Khayyâm, with their original Persian
      sources collated from his own MSS., and literally translated by E. Heron-Allen, B. Quaritch (London), 1899 (8o.)
    • Quatrains of Omar Khayyâm from a literal prose translation, 1908
      (of the earliest known manuscript [Bodleian Library: Ouseley MSS., no. 140]. Done into verse by Arthur B. Talbot). More >>
    • ditto, Elkin Mathews (London), 1909 [1908] (Done into verse by Arthur B. Talbot,
      second thousand, corrected and revised, 8o.)
    • ditto, Elkin Mathews (London), 1909 (Third thousand, 8o.)
    • Le Quartine-Rubaiyat-di Umar Chayyâms, secondo la lezione di Edward
      Heron-Allen, recate in italiano dal traduttore dei Sonetti di Camòes [T. Cannizzaro], seguite da altri versi originali dal traduttore in dialetto siciliano e in altre lingue, Catania, 1916 (pp. 76, 8o.)
    • The Second Edition of Edward FitzGerald's Rubá'iyyát of 'Umar Khayyám
      [London: 1898: B. Quaritch.] Edited, with an introduction and notes, by E. Heron-Allen, Duckworth & Co. (London), 1908 (pp. xl. 200, 4o.)
    • The Rubaíyát of 'Umar Khaiyám, John Lane (London), 1924 (Translated from the
      French of J. B. Nicolas by Frederic Baron Corve, together with a reprint of the French text. Edited with notes and a comparative study of the original texts, and an introduction by Edward Heron-Allen. With sixteen illustrations by Hamzeh Carr, pp. xlviii. 193. 8o.)
    • The Ruba'iyat of Omar Khayyam, Sidney Lee (Exeter), 1926 (The literal translation
      by Edward Heron-Allen of the Ouseley MS. with a rendering into English verse by C. S. Tute, 8o.)
    • The Lament of Baba Tahir: being the Ruba'iyat of Baba Tahir, Bernard Quaritch
      (London), 1902 (The Persian text, annotated and translated by E. Heron-Allen, and rendered into English verse by Elizabeth Curtis Brenton. Pers. & Eng.. pp. xxii. 86, 8o.)
    • ditto, Octagon Press (London), 1979 (pp. 72 + 4, large 8o)

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