Edward Heron-Allen in uniform, c. 1918
Edward Heron-Allen in uniform, c. 1918


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    • Opuscula 7, Codex Chiromantiae, Being a compleate Manualle of ye Science and
      Arte of Espoundage ye Past, ye Presente, ye Future, and ye Character, by ye Scrutinie of ye Hande, ye Gestures thereof, and ye Chirographie... Presented on November 2,1883, by Bro. Ed. Heron-Allen. Edition limited to 133 copies. (pp. 120)
    • Opuscula 28, The Ballades of a Blasé Man. To which are added some Rondeaux
      of his Rejuvenescence, laboriously constructed by the Necromancer to the Sette of Odd Volumes. Presented to the Sette by Bro. Ed. Heron-Allen in October 1891. Edition limited to 99 copies (pp. 88, 16o.)
    • Opuscula 85, Memoranda of Memorabilia, from the Correspondence of Marquise
      de Sévigné encountered in the course of a sentimental journey through the correspondence of Marie de Rabutin-Chantal. Marquise de Sévigné, and her friends, and recorded by Bro. Edward Heron-Allen, F.R.S., Necromancer to the Sette, Oxford Press, 1928 (Limited to 133 copies, with portraits, pp. 148, 16o.)
    • Opuscula 92, The Gods of the Fourth World, being Prolegomena towards a
      discourse upon the Buddhist Religion and its acquired Pantheon, by Bro. Edward Heron-Allen, F.R.S., Necromancer to the Sette. Read on April 28, 1931, Pelican Press (London), 1931 (Limited to 155 copies, with 33 plates, pp. xii. 54, 16o.)
    • Miscellanies 2, Codex Chiromantiae, Appendix A. Dactylomancy, or Finger-ring
      Magic, Ancient, Mediaeval, and Modern. Presented on October 12,1883, by Bro. Ed. Heron-Allen. (Edition limited to 133 copies. pp. 34, 16o.)
    • Miscellanies 16, Codex Chiromantiae, Appendix B. A Discourse Concerning
      Autographs and their significations. Spoken in valediction at Willis's Rooms, on October 8,1886, by Bro. Edward Heron-Allen. (Edition limited to 133 copies, pp.47 16o.)
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