Edward Heron-Allen in uniform, c. 1918
Edward Heron-Allen in uniform, c. 1918


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    • Publications on Foraminifera (PDF)
      (adapted from: Hodgkinson, R.L. & Whittaker, J.E. 2004. Edward Heron-Allen FRS (1861-1943): a review of his scientific career, with an annotated bibliography of his foraminiferal publications. Archives of Natural History, 31: 6-29)
    • Prolegomena towards the Study of the Chalk Foraminifera. An elementary paper
      on the collection, preparation, examination, identification and mounting of foraminifera from the chalk, illustrated by a study of the chalk from the Twyford-Maidenhead railway cutting, H. S. Nichols & Co. (London), 1894 (Illustrated, pp. 36. 8o.)
    • The Foraminifera of the Clare Island District, co. Mayo, Ireland, Dublin, 1913
      (Clare Island Survey. pt. 64. pp. 188, 8o.)
    • The Foraminifera of the Kerimba Archipelago, Portuguese East Africa, London,
      1914 (Extracted from the Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, with plates, pp. 15, 4o.)
    • Presidential Address, 1916-17: Alcide d'Orbigny, his Life and his Work ...
      To which is appended: A Study of the foraminifera of the Biscayan coast of France in the neighbourhood of La Rochelle, London, [1917] (by E. Heron-Allen and Arthur Earland, reprinted from the Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, 1917. pp. 105. pl. XIII 8o.)
    • The Fossil Foraminifera of the Blue Marl of the Côte des Basques,
      Biarritz, Manchester, 1919 (Edited, with additions by Edward Heron-Allen and Arthur Earland, pp. xxiv. 145. pl. 9, 8o.)
    • Les Foraminifères des "Sables rouges" du golfe d'Ajaccio. Avec 2 planches, 1922
    • Protozoa. Part II. Foraminifera, London, 1922 (with eight plates, 4o.)
    • Barnacles in Nature and in Myth, Humphrey Milford (London), 1928 (with plates,
      pp. xv. 180, 8o.)

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