Portrait of EH-A by Kay Vaughan
Portrait of EH-A by Kay Vaughan

News and Events 2015


Pam Thompson will be giving a talk on January 30 at 18.30 for Birkbeck College Music Society. The talk is entitled: 'Edward Heron-Allen, polymath or dilettante: violins, palmistry, fossils and notoriety'.


The annual Heron-Allen Lecture at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, will be held on Friday 6 March. [Details to follow]


The Society's 15th Annual Symposium will be held at the Natural History Museum in London on Saturday 27 June starting at 11.00, followed by a late lunch at Pierino's . The theme of the symposium will be 'Edward Heron-Allen: Research in Egypt, La Rochelle and Sussex'. Among the talks will be: 'Quarrying the Mixon: Heron-Allen's mystery resolved', by David Bone; 'Edward Heron-Allen and Sir Arthur Smith Woodward', by Timothy J. McCann; 'The 1903 Egyptian rebirth of the Necromancer, Edward Heron-Allen', by John P. Mahoney; Roman sculpture in the Kingdom of Togidubnus: Edward Heron-Allen's Contribution, by Grahame Saxby-Soffe; and, 'In the Steps of Alcide d'Orbigny: Heron-Allen's visit to La Rochelle, from his Holiday Journal of 1914', by John E. Whittaker. A visit will be made to the Heron-Allen Library where some of its treasures will be exhibited, as well as bones and teeth of the Selsey Mammoth of 1909 (with an explanation by Simon Parfitt).


The Chairman will give a talk entitled 'The Singular Life of Edward Heron-Allen' at the Novium in Chichester on Thursday 9 July at 6pm.


Timothy McCann gave a talk entitled, ‘Edward Heron-Allen and Eleanore Zugun, The Romanian Poltergeist’ to the Selsey Historical Society at the Church Hall in Selsey on 17 September at 7.30pm.

Members of the Society travelled to Bologna, Modena and Ravenna from 21 to 28 September for the Society’s 5th International Symposium.


The Society’s Newsletter no. 27 (Autumn 2015) was published and distributed. The issue contained a report on the 15th Annual Symposium at the Natural History Museum in London by Juliet Field. The articles were ‘The Sir Vincent Horsley and Edward Heron-Allen Discussions. Something is Rotten in the state of Palmistry'by John P. Mahoney and Barbara P. Mahoney; ‘A Centenary Contribution’ by Garry Garrard; ‘The Death of Marianna Heron-Allen’ by Timothy J. McCann; ‘Lady Smith Woodward’s Tablecloth’ by John E. Whittaker; and ‘Edward Heron-Allen (ED. H. Allen, Ed. Heron-Allen, E.H. Allen, Edward H. Allen, Edward Heron Allen). O what a Mess you have created! Why oh Why? You Hyphenator you’ by John P. Mahoney and Barbara P. Mahoney. The issue was completed by an obituary of Pat Coleby by Bill Coleby.

The Society’s Opusculum No. XXII entitled ‘Edward Heron-Allen: Research in Egypt, La Rochelle and Sussex’, edited by Timothy J. McCann and John E. Whittaker, was published and distributed. The Opusculum included articles by David A. Bone on ‘Quarrying the Mixon: Heron-Allen’s mystery resolved’; John P. Mahoney and Barbara P. Mahoney on 'The 1903 Egyptian Re-birth of the Necromancer. Edward Heron-Allen: The Discovery of Ned and Barry’s Excellent Adventure'; Timothy J. McCann on ‘Edward Heron-Allen and Sir Arthur Smith Woodward'; and John E. Whittaker on ‘In the Footsteps of Alcide d’Orbigny. Heron-Allen’s visit to Paris and La Rochelle, May 1914’.