Literary Originals

In his War Diary, Heron-Allen wrote on 9 february 1919: "I sent my 'squib' on the 'sitting face' to Arthur Humphreys, the literary bookseller of 'Hatchards', who accepted it at once for his delightful magazine 'Books of Today' and asked me to add a paragraph to fill a page. I siged it 'Flavian' which is the name I have gone by among my intimate friends since Walter Pater wrote 'Marius the Epicurian' in the early eighties, modelling his character 'Flavian' upon what i was as a boy of twenty-one".

Has anyone any evidence for Heron-Allen's statement?

Heron-Allen is also supposed to have been one of the models for Louis Glober in Anthony Powell's sequence of novels: A Dance to the Music of Time.

Again, has anyone any evidence for this attribution?

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