Edward Heron-Allen 1886
Edward Heron-Allen 1886

News and Events 2020


The newly formed Tallahassee Sette of Odd Volumes published as their Opusculum no. III Timothy J. McCann and John P. Mahoney's "A Brief Biography of Author and Polymath, Edward Heron-Allen, 1861-1943" (2020).


The Annual Heron-Allen Lecture will be held on Friday 13th March at 5:45pm in the Simpkins Lee Theatre, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. The Lecture will be delivered by Professor Phyllis Lee, Professor at the University of Stirling and Director of the Ambosoli Trust for Elephants. Her talk is entitled 'Models of Social Evolution'. A drinks reception will follow the lecture, for all those registered for the lecture in the Monson Room.


On 30 April, Dr. John Mahoney will deliver a paper entitled 'A Brief Biography of Author and Polymath Edward Heron-Allen' at the 4th meeting of the Tallahassee Sette of Odd Volumes, at the Governor's Club.


The Society's Newsletter No. 36 (Spring 2020) was published. Articles included 'The Annual Heron-Allen Lecture at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford' by Juliet and David Field; 'The Ninth International Heron-Allen Symposium, held at Biarritz and Pau' by Ted Collins; 'A Heron-Allen Discovery in Holland' by Eduard Harinck, together with details of the publication of The Collected Short Fiction of Edward Heron-Allen, 'A Timely Piece' by Heron-Allen and a 'Look behind the Scenes' by John Whittaker.


The Society's 20th Annual Symposium will be held on Saturday 6th July starting at 11.00, in the Seminar Room at the Clore Learning Centre in the Museum of London. Talks will include: 'Edward Heron-Allen's Clothes' by Beatrice Behlen; 'Edward Heron-Allen and Bram Stoker' by Joan Navarre; 'Editing Edward Heron-Allen' by Daniel Corrick and 'Edward Heron-Allen and the Loch Ness Monster' by Timothy J. McCann.

[Sadly, in the light of current health concerns and the uncertainty about the future the committee of the Society has decided to cancel our annual symposium . At the moment we are hoping to be able to re-arrange the symposium for 3 July 2021]


The Society's Newsletter No. 37 (Autumn 2020) was published. Articles included 'The Heron-Allen Society – the first Twenty Year' by Timothy J. McCann; 'Pierino's Restaurant – How to nourish a Society and ensure it thrives' by Pam Thompson; 'An inscribed Silver Plaque from Large Acres' by Timothy J. McCann and David Thompson; ‘From Soho to St. John’s Wood. Exploring EH-A's 1891 Wessing Celebrations' by Chuck Backus and Joan Navarre; 'Edward Heron-Allen's Hungarian Diary, 1902' by Tim McCann and an obituary of Christopher Wood by Armorel Wood.