EH-A and Lady Margaret Hall

Portrait of Amorel Heron-Allen from Lady Margaret Hall

Portrait of Amorel Heron-Allen from
Lady Margaret Hall

In his "Notes upon the Literary, Scientific, and Artistic Activities of Edward Heron-Allen, FRS" (Heron-Allen Society, Opusculum I (2000), EH-A wrote that after he lost his younger daughter Armorel Daphne in a car accident, within a fortnight of her having taken her degree (with first class honours) in Science, at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford: he founded in her memory '"The Armorel Holiday Gift" of £60 a year, and the "Armorel Daphne Heron-Allen Scholarship" in Science at 300 a year'. Lady Margaret Hall, confirm that both funds continue to bear fruit. The Armorel Daphne Heron-Allen Scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding student in the life sciences, while the Heron-Allen travel grant is awarded annually to a student with a good project. Grants to enable students to take a holiday are also awarded. A more recent innovation is the annual Heron-Allen lecture. Three have been held so far, to co-incide with the election of the Heron-Allen Scholar.

This year the Heron-Allen Lecture will be held at Lady Margaret Hall on Friday 2 March 2007. The speaker is Professor Georgina Mace FRS, the Director of Science at the Institute of Zoology in London. Professor Mace is renowned for her work in conservation biology, in particular for identifying criteria to rank species according to their risk of extinction. In a talk entitled 'Biodiversity, ecosystems and human well-being' she will discuss the evidence that we are rapidly losing biodiversity on a global scale, the implications that this has for people, and some possible solutions. The Lecture will be held in Talbot Hall, Lady Margaret Hall, at 5.15pm. There is no charge for admission. Bookings can be made through the LMH Website.

Professor Neil M. Ferguson OBE of Imperial College, London, delivered the Heron-Allen Lecture 2006 on 'Planning for the unpredictable: how modelling can aid preparations for the next flu pandemic'. The lecture took place on Friday 10th March, 2006.

Dr Garry Brown, Tutor in Biochemistry at Lady Margaret Hall presented the 4th lecture entitled "When the wheels stop spinning: genetic defects of mitochondrial energy generation". The lecture took place on Friday 11 March 2005.

The third lecture was given by Professor John Lawton, CBE, FRS, Chief Executive of the Natural Environment Research Council, and entitled 'Biodiversity, conservation, and unsustainable development'. It was delivered on Friday 12 March 2004.