Edward Heron-Allen
Edward Heron-Allen

Heron-Allen Society Newsletter No. 27

  • Juliet Field, Fifteenth Annual Symposium
  • John P. Mahoney and Barbara P. Mahoney, 'The Sir Vincent Horsley and Edward Heron-Allen Discussions. Something is Rotten in the state of Palmistry'
  • Garry Garrard, 'A Centenary Contribution'
  • Timothy J. McCann, 'The Death of Marianna Heron-Allen'
  • John E. Whittaker, 'Lady Smith Woodward's Tablecloth'
  • Bill (Peter William Edward) Coleby, 'Patricia Mary Coleby (Jones)'
  • John P. Mahoney and Barbara P. Mahoney, 'Edward Heron-Allen (Ed. H. Allen, Ed. Heron Allen, E.H. Allen, Edward H. Allen, Edward Heron Allen). O what a Mess you have created! Why oh Why? You Hyphenator you'


Publications about or mentioning the life and works of Edward Heron-Allen.