Edward Heron-Allen
Edward Heron-Allen

Heron-Allen Society Newsletter No. 26

  • Fifteenth Annual Symposium
  • David Field, 'The Heron-Allen Lecture, 2015'
  • David Thompson, '4th International Symposium, Venice and Verona, September 2014'
  • Timothy J. McCann, 'May Burnett, Edward Heron-Allen and a Silver Christening Mug'
  • David Thompson, 'The Heron-Allen Tankard'
  • Ruth Mariner, 'The Men behind the Mammoth'
  • 'A morn of bright carnations': Some Uncollected Trifles - Edward Heron-Allen the Gardener


Publications about or mentioning the life and works of Edward Heron-Allen.