Edward Heron-Allen
Edward Heron-Allen

Heron-Allen Society Newsletter No. 23

  • Pamela Thompson, 'Thirteenth Annual Symposium: Edward Heron-Allen and his collections'
  • Gerald Blunden, 'Proceeding of the Third International Heron-Allen Society Meeting held in Corsica (May 19th-26th, 2013)'
  • Timothy J. McCann, 'Edward Heron-Allen, Magda Heinemann and the Heinemann divorce case'
  • John P. Mahoney and Barbara P. Mahoney, 'Fiddling around with the Heron-Allen collection with no fatal consequences'
  • Pamela Thompson, 'Edward Heron-Allen - Music Miscellanea in the Royal College of Music Library'
  • Pamela Thompson, 'Celia Clarke'


Publications about or mentioning the life and works of Edward Heron-Allen.