Edward Heron-Allen
Edward Heron-Allen

Heron-Allen Society Newsletter No. 9

  • Timothy J. McCann, 'Sixth Annual Heron-Allen Symposium'
  • Clive Jones, 'Some News of the Heron-Allen Microfossil Library at the Natural History Museum'
  • Joan Navarre, 'St. John's, Putney Hill'
  • Timothy J. McCann, 'Edward Heron-Allen, Edmund Downey and 'A House of Tears''
  • An Interview with Morton Swinburne in the Bognor Post, Saturday 19th January 1929, Part 3: Marine Zoology
  • Joan Navarre, 'R.T. Gould, Edward Heron-Allen and the Sea Serpent'
  • Georgina Male, 'Sir Archibald Hamilton, 1876-1939'


Publications about or mentioning the life and works of Edward Heron-Allen.